Mon Milfma is the sexiest Star Wars shirt in the galaxy

The first official Unfunny Nerd Tangent shirt is available now, and there’s blue milk everywhere! Mon Milfma is part Star Wars, part beer label and 100 percent nerdy.

You can order our sexy Mon Mothma at The Steel Cage Shop, where she will forever be known as chancellor and commander-in-chief of soft style. Greig insists that Dark Heather Grey is canon, but she’s also down to rebel in Sport Grey (pictured) and Heather True Royal.

Will this shirt elevate your nerd cred? Yes. Will it bring down the Empire and build a new Republic from the ashes? Yes. Will you be able to contain all that bantha milk? Probably not. Best of all, you’ll be supporting the Unfunny Nerd Tangent and The Steel Cage Podcast Network.

And if you’re wondering why we find Mon Mothma so damn hot, you can check out our Rogue One podcast episode.

Now look on her with your own eyes:

You’ve got a thing for Rebels. We get it. Listen to our Rogue One podcast.

Get yourself a tasty commander-in-chief with the experience to bring down an Empire. Mon Mothma’s not all strategy — on a sultry Yavin 4 night, we bet she pours a Hoth-cold bantha milk and lets that flowy robe slip down for a special scoundrel.

“Is that Mon Mothma?” fellow nerds will ask. “No,” you’ll say. “It’s Mon MILFma.”

Original art by Joe Bowen
Label design by Tim Agne
Special thanks to Danny Schlag