Podcast Episode 35: The Disaster Artist / The Room

Has everybody betray you? Are you fed up with this worl? It’s no problem. James Franco has big Hollywood movie for you.

In The Disaster Artist, Franco transforms into Tommy Wiseau, the enigmatic Frankenstein (or maybe vampire) behind The Room — the best worst movie ever made. How is this unlikely biopic doing with critics? Oh, high marks (you can blame Bryan for that one).

So put on your tux, grab your favorite football, pour yourself a Scotchka and lube up your belly button because we’re about to nerd out on all things The Room. And we get a full-on Kevin Smith sighting!

Hosted by: ‘Johnny’ Tim Agne (@timagne)

Featuring: ‘Chris-R’ / ‘SuperJew’ Jared Robinovitz (@superjew75), ‘Peter’ / ‘Pipe Bomb’ Bryan Gregston (@guitarsalad), ‘Denny’ /‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Darrell Johnson (@zazzumplop) & ‘All-American guy’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13).

Music by: Corona & Rick Astley.

Lisa is a friend of the show!
Way back in 2013, The Room actress Juliette Danielle joined The Steel Cage Podcast to talk wrestling on Episode 57.5! Listen to your future wife here.

What the hell is a Brandy Icehouse?
Marginally better than a Scotch and vodka, maybe? Let Tim explain:

Brandy Icehouse from Tim Agne on Vimeo.