Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock scene

Podcast Episode 105: Mean Girls

Mean Girls mall scene

Get in, loser, we’re podcasting. That’s right — we’re talking about Mean Girls. And oh my God, we love your skirt.

After a made-for-TV sequel and like a bajillion memes, this teen comedy classic is now old enough to be a junior in high school itself. Tina Fey’s script remains as funny as ever, and watching Mean Girls in October 2020 raises some timely questions about how we should feel when a bully gets hit by a bus. It’s just a shame that our tickets to the Broadway musical got canceled.

So slather on the foot cream, cut two holes in your shirt and unwrap a Kälteen Bar — it’s time to make out with a hotdog and hope we can sit with the band geeks.

Wait, what?

Hosted by: “Mrs. Norbury” Tim Agne (@timagne).

Featuring: “Gretchen” Greig Tansley (@GreigT13) and “It’s pronounced like Katie” Emily Parker (@emilyparkerhere).

Music by: The Mean Girls & Kelis.

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