Podcast Episode 7: Marvel on Netflix

Sweet Christmas, the UNT team has gone… streaming!

For this episode, the Unfunny Defenders strive to find the Power, Man… while making a call to Alias Investigations about that guy in the red suit running around Hell’s Kitchen.

In other words, they discuss the Marvel Netflix shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones & Luke Cage, with somewhat surprising results.

Even Joel Schumacher gets a mention. How?

The Devil made us do it.

Hosted by: Greig (@GreigT13).

Featuring: Cristen (@wanda102), ‘Rabbi Dirtsheet’ Jared (@SuperJew75), Tim (@TimAgne), and ‘Captain Jack Heartless’ Jack Sullivan (@seejacktalkback).

Music by: Ali Shaheed Muhammad (@AliShaheed), Sean Callery, John Paesano (@johnpaesano), and Nirvana (@Nirvana).